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Monday, August 12, 2013

Wikki Stix and Coloring

Wikki Stix Coloring
Another skill I have been focusing on is coloring within the lines. A young boy I work with will not look and scribbles all over his page. In the past I have used a hot glue gun to create a barrier to the shapes so the kiddos will stop when they hit the barrier. I like this idea however there are several downfalls first it takes planning ahead to create the coloring pages, second the glue is clear which makes it more challenging to see, and third when you are finished coloring, the page still has the glue on the paper. Next I decided to try Wikki Stix. These are great they provide a nice barrier. I can apply them at a moments notice. When finished coloring I can also remove them from the paper. On the example in the picture I was having the child color the box to match the color of wikki stix. To make a thicker barrier use more than one layer of wikki stix.


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