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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Marshmallows and Toothpicks

Fine Motor - Marshmallows and Toothpicks
Fine Motor - Marshmallows and Toothmpicks
Oh the things you can create when you are given marshmallows and toothpicks. I began this lesson by asking the kiddos to create letters with their marshmallows and toothpicks. They spelled things like their names and simple words. Next I said they could be creative and create anything they wanted to create. The kiddos created balls, shapes, monkey bars, people, toys, and more. They were highly creative. This activity was great for several reasons. We worked on fine motor and sensory skills. The marshmallows were the flavored ones and of course they are sticky too. I had a few kiddos that didn't want to be sticky and wanted to go wash their hands multiple times however once they got into the project they forgot about being sticky and created some amazing things. In the end I let them eat their marshmallows which is a great built in reward. This project also took great motor memory to create the letters which helped to solidify the letters and shapes into the kiddos heads. I will definitely be using this activity in the future they had fun and learned lots.

Fine Motor - Marshmallows and Toothpicks

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  1. Using marshmallows to teach was such an excellent idea! It is a cost effective and interactive way to teach children how to spell. I am also a teacher along with being a special education advocate. I may have to use this in my own classroom!