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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Marshmallows and Toothpicks

Fine Motor - Marshmallows and Toothpicks
Fine Motor - Marshmallows and Toothmpicks
Oh the things you can create when you are given marshmallows and toothpicks. I began this lesson by asking the kiddos to create letters with their marshmallows and toothpicks. They spelled things like their names and simple words. Next I said they could be creative and create anything they wanted to create. The kiddos created balls, shapes, monkey bars, people, toys, and more. They were highly creative. This activity was great for several reasons. We worked on fine motor and sensory skills. The marshmallows were the flavored ones and of course they are sticky too. I had a few kiddos that didn't want to be sticky and wanted to go wash their hands multiple times however once they got into the project they forgot about being sticky and created some amazing things. In the end I let them eat their marshmallows which is a great built in reward. This project also took great motor memory to create the letters which helped to solidify the letters and shapes into the kiddos heads. I will definitely be using this activity in the future they had fun and learned lots.

Fine Motor - Marshmallows and Toothpicks

Jellyfish Art

Ocean Art - Jellyfish
Another art project to go along with the ocean theme. This one, my wonderful assistant created. She used a paper bowl that the kiddos covered with small pieces of tissue paper and mod podge. Tissue paper comes in so many prints and colors that the kiddos were able to create fun unique jellyfish. Then they chose different types of ribbon and curling ribbon to use as the tentacles for their jellyfish. Finally eyes were added and then the jellyfish could be hung from the ceiling, if you turn on a fan they look like they are pulsing in the water.

You are My Sunshine

I work with a parent that loves hand print art, so I am always trying to figure out new ways to use her son's hand prints to create art. I had the 2 brothers paint their hands yellow to make yellow hand prints. Once dry I helped them cut out each hand print to create a sun. The boys made 2 suns that day one for their mom and one for grandma.

Hand print Art - Sunshine

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PVC Phones

PVC Phone - DIY
I made enough pvc phones for my class to use while we work on speech, phonics, and independent reading. These are simple to make I bought one length of 1" pvc pipe, lots of elbow, and pvc glue. You can spray paint the pvc, I just added a fun piece of duct tape to the middle. I made different lengths of phones to accommodate my little toddlers and the older kiddos. The little guy in the picture picked up the phone and babbled nonstop to himself. These phones help kiddos with articulation errors so that they can hear all the sounds they are making. I use these for reading to work on fluency which is rate, smoothness, expression, and accuracy. Because these are so simple and inexpensive to make I have been able to have extras to send home with kiddos that need a little extra help.

PVC Phone - DIY

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Starfish Art Project

Starfish Art project
We have been learning about ocean animals. This past week the preschoolers learned all about starfish. This was our art project that went along with starfish. I created several starfish shaped templates out of paper plates. We talked about how not all starfish have 5 legs, and they are different shapes too. The students chose a template, traced, and cut it out of a paper plate. Next we took colored pasta to create a pattern as the border. The pasta was glued on with craft glue we realized that it held better than Elmer's for this art project. Then the kiddos measured a cup of Acini de pepe pasta, 1tsp. rubbing alcohol, and several drops of food coloring. We were working on mixing colors so to create green we used blue and yellow, orange was created with red and yellow, and purple was red and blue. Everything was dumped in a ziplock bag, sealed and mixed together. We then let this dry overnight. The next day the students glued on eyes and rubbed glue all over their starfish, dumped the acini de pepe pasta on top and let it dry.

Ocean Art Project

Starfish Pasta Art

Roll & Write

Math made fun with games
Number Game
Dice - Clear Pocket
I created pictures to go inside my clear pocket dice. Then all around the room I placed colored pieces of paper with a single number in the center. Each student took a turn rolling the dice, one dice was for counting and the second was for how they would move around the room. They counted the pictures on the dice, and moved to find the correct paper with their number. Once they found the number they wrote the number on the paper with a fun colorful pen. The pictures I used went along with the story Brown Bear Brown Bear. We even elaborated on the story and said, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, How many do you see, I see 3 yellow ducks looking at me." The students had so much fun finding and writing their numbers that during play time they continued to do this activity. If you would like the printable that I used for this activity you can find it here. Dice Printable