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Friday, May 17, 2013

Oral Motor Fun

Whiteboard Math Activities
Since the end of the school year is near the preschoolers are becoming more fidgety. I have tried to change things up. We were doing math on large whiteboards. I would tell them a number and they had to draw that many shapes or I drew shapes on my whiteboard and they had to write the number. We have used the small whiteboards previously however I wanted the kiddos to learn to share space and work together. (Initially there was considerable whining about people in they way) After a few tries they did a great job working together and even helping each other when the need arose. I then had an idea to use the whiteboard for an oral motor game. I put the kiddos on 2 teams and told them they needed team names. They became the Dogs vs. the Tigers. I placed 3 large pompoms on the whiteboard and gave each student a straw. Their goal was to blow the pompoms across the board into the other teams goal zone. They loved this game and it work on breath control, lung capacity, and the ability to work together. This game would work on most surfaces.

Oral Motor Games

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