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Individual and group tutoring services for students with mild (resource)-severe disabilities.

Speech Therapy for students of all ages.

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In preschool we will work on Zoo-Phonics, beginning numbers, shapes, colors, social skills, behavioral skills, language, communication, fine and gross motor, coloring, writing, cutting, crafts, and music.

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Group tutoring with 2-6 students is $15 per hour
Individual tutoring is $25 per hour
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Services Available: Academic Tutoring, Social Skills, Motor Skills both fine and gross motor, Language Skills (speech background), Behavioral Skills (including behavior plans for home/school), Augmentative Communication (PECS-High end Technology) IEP help and support

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ladybugs and Bees Footprint Art

Ladybug and Bee Footprint Art - Spring Art
We have been learning about insects since it is springtime. I helped the kiddos create these fun footprints of a ladybug and bee. For the ladybug I painted with the red and black, the dots were added later after it was dry. For the bee I painted their entire foot yellow and once dry we added the black stripes. After the footprints were dry the students then used and eraser dipped in black paint to create the dots on the ladybug. They drew the legs, antennae, and dotted trail with a sharpie marker. Googly eyes were added to both insects. For the bee they painted the black stripes, and drew on the wings, antennae, and dotted trail. On the wings the students painted with glitter glue, to make them shimmer.

Butterfly Symmetry Art

Butterfly Art
I had several different butterfly patterns for the kiddos to choose from. They cut out the butterfly and then carefully folded the paper in half. We then placed globs of paint along one side of the butterfly. Once the paint was placed we folded the butterfly in half and squished the paint together. Caution: this is messy because the excess paint oozes out along the edges and we were covered in paint. Which does make for a great sensory art project. The kiddos were excited as we opened up each butterfly to see what they had created.
Butterfly Art
Butterfly Art Project

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Interlocking Blocks

Unifix Cube Patterns
Unifix Cube Spelling
Fine motor, math, and letter skills all rolled into one nice little bundle. The best part is the kids thought they were playing...he he he I love making them think this is all just for fun! I just purchased a set of 500 interlocking blocks from Amazon I began the day by showing the kiddos letters I had made out of the blocks. When they identified the letter they got to keep the blocks. I did this until every student had a letter. Then we dumped out all the blocks and I had the students begin making letters. We began with simple letters like the L, I, T, F, E, H, etc. Then some of the kiddos wanted to try making more tricky letters such as S. After making letters we made patterns and numbers. Finally we ended with simply making fun designs with the blocks. I made the flowers and trees. My kiddos made things like boxes, swords, light sabers, and more. When it was time to clean up for play time I had several kiddos that wanted to continue making various things with the blocks. These blocks are great for developing their fine motor skills in a fun way. Next I want to create patterns of things like the flowers, houses, trees, swords, and more that the kids can follow. Then I could place the blocks in my TEACCH system and the students would be able to pick a pattern and create the picture.
Unifix Cubes

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bunny Art Project

Bunny Art Project - Paper Plates
This year a few of my kiddos made these Easter Bunny art  projects using paper plates. I had two sizes of paper plates, one for the head and the other for the body. The kids painted the plates and then I helped them paint their feet. You need 2 of the left foot and 2 of the right foot. This way you have ears and feet for your bunny. To paint the feet you can do this 2 ways: 1. paint the entire foot one color and then once dry add the white spots over the top or 2. paint the foot with the color and white all at once (this is a little more tricky but only one step). Once everything is dry attached with brads so the ears and feet can wiggle a little bit. We added a button for the nose and pipe cleaners for whiskers.

Paint Blowing Art

Paint Blowing Art
I'm always looking for different ways of doing art. When we learned about the letter Ww we learned about the wind and how things move in the wind. We painted with straws to create our own wind. I placed the paint in the staws and they blew it out onto the paper. You can also just place dollops of paint on the paper and have the kids blow the paint around to mix the colors. It is interesting to watch which kiddos have more breath/lung control. This is a good oral motor activity to help with speech production. W is for Wind  

W is for Wind