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Services Available: Academic Tutoring, Social Skills, Motor Skills both fine and gross motor, Language Skills (speech background), Behavioral Skills (including behavior plans for home/school), Augmentative Communication (PECS-High end Technology) IEP help and support

Monday, March 25, 2013

V is for Vegetable

Tops & Bottoms Book by: Janet Stevens
Patterns with Vegetables
This week we learned about the letter Vv. Snack time included all kinds of vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, peas, and peppers. I wanted the kiddos to try different kinds of veggies to see if they liked or disliked the different types. (Next time I will graph what vegetables they liked) We also colored pages of vegetables and looked at pictures or the actual vegetable to know what they looked like. We talked about if we ate the part that grew above ground, or below. The book Tops & Bottoms by: Janet Stevens is perfect for teaching about how vegetables grow. Finally or last activity was to create patterns using pictures of veggies. They had to color the vegetables and finish the patterns by cutting out the pictures and gluing them on in the correct location. As you can see from the picture There is one incorrect pattern on the page.
Vegetable Coloring Page
Vegetable Graphing Page

Friday, March 22, 2013

Roll and Color a Turtle

When we were working on the letter T t I made this turtle. I added numbers to the picture so the kiddos could roll dice, count the dots and color their turtle. I told them that they could color their turtle any color they wanted. If you chose you could make each number a different color to work on that additional skill. I created 2 versions of this turtle. One works on numbers 1-6 and the second works on numbers 2-12. Some numbers were more challenging to roll with the 2 die such as the 2 and 12 because the chances are greatly decreased. If they cannot roll their number they need and are getting frustrated have them simply turn their dice to the correct number, count and then color. This shows that they know how to count the correct number.   Turtle Roll and Color Printable 01 09 10

Fun with Buttons

Tracing Big Buttons
Tracing Shapes with Big Buttons
I love using a variety of things to teach a concept. We have been learning our shapes and colors. Today I gave all the kiddos large buttons (I purchased on Amazon - These buttons come in a variety of shapes and colors. First I had the students say the shape and color of each button. Then we traced the buttons to create pictures. They made things like houses, boats, game boards, people, and Star Wars characters. Tracing the buttons was also excellent fine motor practice. For some kiddos it was challenging to keep the button in one place while they traced. If your kids have difficulty with this you can use a bit of painters tape on the back side of the button to keep the button from moving around. After we finished making our pictures we then did a counting activity with the buttons. I gave the students a strip of paper with numbers 1-20. Then I handed them a handful of buttons for each student to count. By giving them the buttons I could control how many each student received. Some students are working on numbers 1-10 and other are working on 11-20. Once the counted the buttons they used the dot markers to mark the correct number on their number strip. This activity addressed one to one counting and number recognition. Everything is more fun with big colorful buttons! Number Chart Printable

Counting with Big Buttons

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Squiggy and Her Furry Friends

Adorable Dogs - Squiggy

Squiggy and her furry friends. These are her 2 very loyal and loving doggies. Gizmo is a Maltese - Poodle and he is sitting on her lap (his favorite spot to be). Zoey is a Maltese - Cavalier. She is still a puppy and hyper. Dogs can be amazing companions.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Yertle the Turtle - Piles of Turtles

To finish off our Dr. Seuss activities we read the story Yertle the Turtle. I created this worksheet with turtles all piled high in the air. There are 2 versions - one with the numbers 1-20 written in, and the other without the numbers. The kiddos counted, wrote the numbers and then colored the turtles.

Counting turtles printable

Rainbow Handprints

Spring time is a time for rain and rainbows. We created this rainbow using the 6 main colors in a rainbow. I know technically there are 7, but trying to distinguish between blue, indigo, and purple with preschoolers is crazy hard. I helped them paint their hands and place them on the paper to create the arch of the rainbow. Keep diaper wipes handy to clean those little hands off. You could also make the rainbow for St. Patrick's Day and add a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Handprint Rainbow Art

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Community Helpers Articulation

Community Helpers - Articulation

Community Helpers - Articulation

I have posted a new addition to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. This unit is all about community helpers. I wanted a new set of worksheets to address speech and language needs. The main focus is on police officers, firefighters, doctors, and nurses. In this packet you will find:
  • List of my favorite books about community helpers.
  • Law Enforcement, Medical, Firefighter, & EMT Pronouns - he, she, they, his, her, their
  • Law Enforcement, Medical, Firefighter, & EMT is & are
  • Law Enforcement, Medical, Firefighter, & EMT "WH" Questions - Who, What, Where, When, & Why
  • Community Helpers Matching Game
  • Community Helpers Tic Tac Toe Games - To work on asking and answering "WH" question
Visit the following website for a free download-able preview of my unit: 
Community Helpers - Pronouns

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Thing 1 & Thing 2 - Puppets
The preschoolers love Thing 1 & thing 2. This year we made stick puppets of Thing 1 & Thing 2. I printed the pictures on card stock and then since my kiddos are still learning how to cut, I cut out these Things. If you have older students they can cut out their own. We then colored the Things and glued Easter grass to their heads. The Easter grass was much easier to glue on when it was cut into small pieces. I chopped the grass up. The kiddos put glue on the head and then took a handful of grass and smashed it down. We left the grass on the head to dry and then shook off the extra. Finally I taped a large Popsicle stick to the bottom. Once these were finished my students ran around pretending to make mischief just like Thing 1 & Thing 2. You can find the printable here:  Printable Thing 1 & Thing 2