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Friday, December 14, 2012

Gingerbread Baby

Gingerbread Baby - By Jan Brett
Gingerbread Friends - By Jan Brett

Winter time is so much for for Gingerbread activities. This year we did lots of activities with gingerbread men. 2 fabulous books by Jan Brett are Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends. These books have enchanting pictures and adorable stories. If you visit Jan Brett's web site you can find lots of fun printables

Gingerbread House - Gingerbread Baby
Below you will find a link for several printables. I have created a letter matching page with gingerbread men, where the students match uppercase to lowercase letters. Also included is a gingerbread counting page with numbers 1-10. Finally is the art project my students made. The graphics are from the Jan Brett web site. I scaled them so the kids could create their own gingerbread house. I printed them on card stock. The students colored and then cut out the house. I taped the house onto the page with the gingerbread baby along the right side using packing tape. This way you can open the house and see the gingerbread baby inside. On the back side of the house we wrote the poem included in the Gingerbread Baby Story: " I'm the little gingerbread baby, lucky as can be, to be living in the house, that _______(student's name) made for me!"

This was a fun holiday unit for the students to participate in. We also decorated gingerbread men and painted gingerbread ceramic ornaments.

Gingerbread Baby

Gingerbread Activities

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Games

Christmas Bingo, Books, Numbers, & Vocabulary
The holidays are a time that kids can be kids and play. Even though they are playing they can still learn and grow. The following is included in this holiday unit:
  • A list of some of my favorite holiday books, I love books!!!
  • Numbers 0-20 and pictures for counting. I printed the numbers and pictures on card stock, laminated and placed in my TEACCH work area. I then had the students paperclip the correct cards together to add a fine motor skills.
  • 27 holiday vocabulary words. These can be printed for the students and connected together at the top using pipe cleaner or yarn.
  • 30 Christmas Bingo cards, along with the calling cards. These are great for class parties. Many students with disabilities have difficulty with discrimination skills and Bingo is a great way to help improve discrimination in a fun holiday way.
  • 3 boards of "Don't Eat Santa/Pete"
You can find this product at:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We're Going on a Santa Hunt

My students love the book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by: Michael Rosen. I took his book and created a Christmas Parody. Where the students act out going on a Santa hunt. In the printable below you will find the story and a few pictures that are all from I hope your students have as much fun with this story as my kiddos did.

We're Going on a Santa Hunt

Word Families - Winter Fun

***December 16-19 I'm having a sale this 56 page packet will be $6.40***

I created a Winter Word Families Packet for my students. Learning word families is crucial for language skills, reading, spelling, and writing. This is a fun time of year with snow and snowmen. Even though the students are completing the same skills it is always more fun on a festive winter page. You can print out the pages for independent work or TEACCH tasks, send home for additional practice or simply use for desk work. Below you can download a sample of this packet for the complete packet visit Teachers Pay Teachers:

Preveiw Winter Word Families

Holiday Math

TEACCH - Holiday Math
I love library pockets, they have so many uses. They help to work on crossing midline and using 2 hands at one time. This unit. I printed out a basic stocking with numbers and number words. Then I placed sticker stars on the top of the stocking. The reason I added the stars was for the kiddos that are still learning their numbers, they can double check by counting. The stocking is the answer to the math problem. Finally I made 3x5 cards with basic addition. I created enough math facts that 3-5 problems went in each stocking card. For example 9+1 =10, 7+3=10, 8+2=10, and 5+5=10. This activity was placed in my TEACCH work system for the kids to work on independently. Some variations include adding subtraction problems. This way the kids could work on addition, subtraction or both to help them distinguish between the add and subtract sign. You could also use 3x5 cards with pictures for your students to count.

Reindeer Art Project

Christmas Art Project - Reindeer
Well maybe this art project is a little twisted, but what can I say I was working with teenagers at the time. We created Santa's Reindeer and mounted them on our wall. I love doing art but my older kiddos didn't want to make cutsie art projects they were sarcastic and this is what we created thanks to a sarcastic and creative paraprofessional. The kids traced their shoe for the face and hands for the antlers. Each student chose their reindeer name. We had reindeer with all kinds of names like Itchy and Rosie. Now if you are working with younger more innocent children you can still make this reindeer (just don't mount them)