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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School Movement

Movement in the Classroom - Brain Break
You know how our kiddos need to get up and move around. Well I have been trying to come up with new ideas for creative and fun movement. These are cards about 4x6 in size. I tell my students "wiggle time" they know what this means and they line up against one side of the wall. Then I or a student (this can be a classroom job) pull out cards one at a time. The following is a description for each card: Honk like a bus the kids can crawl or walk across the room while honking. Roll like an apple they can roll on their sides or do somersaults. Open & close like scissors is an arm movement while they walk. Brush like a paintbrush is a swishing side to side motion as they walk. Stick like glue they can stick to a wall and try to move or stick to a buddy. Straight like a ruler they must walk without moving their arms. Clang like a bell the kids move back and forth while going "ding dong." Zip like a backpack is an up and down motion of the curve of a backpack, while they move and they say "zip, zip, ziiiiip." Erase like a pencil is a small fast frantic movement back and forth like an eraser. Finally you end with go to you seat like a star student and they walk to their seats quietly, ready to work. Brain breaks are an excellent way to refocus your class. This also helps students that have more sensory needs or attention deficits. Free printable below.

Movement Printable

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  1. i love your ideas and tips that you have shared..students now a days needs a special attention and proper guidance from their parents and teachers..having a psychology education can it helps how students learn and develop their skills.