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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dollar More

Dollar More - With Visual Supports
I love teaching the dollar more strategy. For kids that have greater difficulty adding coins and bills together this strategy is genius. What you do is provide the students with a price for example $2.80. The student gives $2.00 for the bills and a "Dollar More" for the change to equal $3.00. What I created was a visual support to help students understand the difference between money before the decimal and the change after the decimal. This visual support has been extremely effective in teaching money skills. I like to place several pictures with the prices in front of the student and have them select the one they want to work on. This way we can also work on the skill of knowing if you have enough money to buy particular items. Here are a few suggestions to help with generalization and motivation.

1. Always use real money. If you are worried about stealing, keep the money in a locked box but use real money.

2. Find things the students would be interested in buying to have them practice their money skills. Then use a picture or the actual item while they practice. 

3. While teaching this skills also work on having the student identify if they have enough money to purchase an item. I like to place their favorite picture/item in front of them and then give them slightly less money than they need. This way they understand that just because you have money doesn't mean you can buy anything you want.

***4. If you have a student who is reluctant to work this can also be used as a behavior motivator. I will start the student off with $1.00. Then ask them which item they would like to buy and these are things that are classroom reinforcers such as run time, sensory time, extra recess, book time, special toy, small snack, anything reinforcing. Then I tell them that it will cost $6.00 to earn that particular item. The way they earn their money is to complete tasks in the classroom. One line of math = $1.00. One fine motor task = $1.00. Reading a story = $2.00, etc. This is like the "I am working for" program but requires a high level of thinking and a real life connection to money and the value of money. As the students become better at working I increase the amount of money to earn a given reinforcer.

5. You can also provide the students with a set of prices and bills to complete this task in your TEACCH system - You would want to closely monitor the money. One way to do this would be to have price cards in the TEACCH box and then the students would request the money from the teacher and return the money afterwards.

6. After the students are comfortable with using dollar bills then increase the difficulty level by having five dollar bills, then ten, and twenty dollar bills.
Dollar More - With Real Money  Visual Support
 Dollar More Printable

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