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Individual and group tutoring services for students with mild (resource)-severe disabilities.

Speech Therapy for students of all ages.

Preschool services available for children with or without disabilities. Sign up now for fall preschool sessions. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday $75 a month (2 days) $100 a month (3 days). Ages 3-5
In preschool we will work on Zoo-Phonics, beginning numbers, shapes, colors, social skills, behavioral skills, language, communication, fine and gross motor, coloring, writing, cutting, crafts, and music.

Are you worried about your child's progress or regression over the summer months sign up for tutoring to give your kiddos that extra help to put them on the right track for the next school year

Group tutoring with 2-6 students is $15 per hour
Individual tutoring is $25 per hour
Individual tutoring at the child's home starts at $45 per hour
Half Hour Individual tutoring - $15 per half hour

Services Available: Academic Tutoring, Social Skills, Motor Skills both fine and gross motor, Language Skills (speech background), Behavioral Skills (including behavior plans for home/school), Augmentative Communication (PECS-High end Technology) IEP help and support

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teaching in Small Towns

You know you are teaching a rural community when things like this happen... One afternoon, school had been out for about 30 minutes and a little first grader walked into my classroom. He said, "can you help me?" I was surprised to see him because school had been out for so long. I asked him what he was still doing at school. He said, "I went home but forgot my homework, so came back to pick it up" I then inquired what he needed help with. He said, "I can't get back on my horse." I had to stop myself from laughing. Sure enough, when he realized he had forgotten his homework, he hopped on his horse, bareback and rode to school. Then when he went to get back on his horse he couldn't manage. He had been trying for quite some time. I gave him a boost. That was a first for me as a teacher. On another occasion we took first grade classes to see a movie. As we arrived we sent the kids to the restroom. They were taking so much time in there. The movie was getting ready to begin so the teachers went to see what was going on in the bathrooms. The first graders were so amazed by the automatic flushing toilets, water faucets, and paper towel dispensers that they were setting everything off repeatedly. You know something is new and novel when a first grader would rather stay in the bathroom and play than watch a movie.  

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