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Individual and group tutoring services for students with mild (resource)-severe disabilities.

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In preschool we will work on Zoo-Phonics, beginning numbers, shapes, colors, social skills, behavioral skills, language, communication, fine and gross motor, coloring, writing, cutting, crafts, and music.

Are you worried about your child's progress or regression over the summer months sign up for tutoring to give your kiddos that extra help to put them on the right track for the next school year

Group tutoring with 2-6 students is $15 per hour
Individual tutoring is $25 per hour
Individual tutoring at the child's home starts at $45 per hour
Half Hour Individual tutoring - $15 per half hour

Services Available: Academic Tutoring, Social Skills, Motor Skills both fine and gross motor, Language Skills (speech background), Behavioral Skills (including behavior plans for home/school), Augmentative Communication (PECS-High end Technology) IEP help and support

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Initiating Conversation

You know when you are working with a kid that is so independent they don't have to initiate conversation because they can meet all of their own needs. Well that is when a little sabotage is necessary. For kids that are younger and may not possess the best fine motor skills you can simply place desired items in a clear plastic container that they cannot open independently. This way they will have to ask for help from another individual. If the child is nonverbal then I also attach an image either a photograph or picture representation on the container so that they can bring the picture to someone thereby initiating an interaction. Now when you are working with those more tricky kids that are willing to climb onto of the refrigerator to get their favorite cookies down or can open any container you have tried that is when you have to become more tricky too. One thing that works well are prescription bottles with locking lids. The bottles are slightly see threw and then I color the lid so that is doesn't look as much like a prescription bottle. I then place things like toy cars, Squinkies (which I don't understand the craze for but the kids do love them), treats, and other favorite items in the bottles. Another thing you can try is locking up the cupboard that has the desired items such as favorite treats and toys. Then place pictures of all the items on the door so the child knows what is inside. They can then tell you or bring you the picture of the item wanted thereby initiating conversation.

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