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Individual and group tutoring services for students with mild (resource)-severe disabilities.

Speech Therapy for students of all ages.

Preschool services available for children with or without disabilities. Sign up now for fall preschool sessions. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday $75 a month (2 days) $100 a month (3 days). Ages 3-5
In preschool we will work on Zoo-Phonics, beginning numbers, shapes, colors, social skills, behavioral skills, language, communication, fine and gross motor, coloring, writing, cutting, crafts, and music.

Are you worried about your child's progress or regression over the summer months sign up for tutoring to give your kiddos that extra help to put them on the right track for the next school year

Group tutoring with 2-6 students is $15 per hour
Individual tutoring is $25 per hour
Individual tutoring at the child's home starts at $45 per hour
Half Hour Individual tutoring - $15 per half hour

Services Available: Academic Tutoring, Social Skills, Motor Skills both fine and gross motor, Language Skills (speech background), Behavioral Skills (including behavior plans for home/school), Augmentative Communication (PECS-High end Technology) IEP help and support

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Many students receiving special education services lack fine motor skills. Theraputty comes in a variety of strengths, from very soft to firm. Each strength is a different color of putty. Theraputty has a different texture than playdough and because of the different strengths muscle tone in the hands and wrists can be built up over time. You can purchase theraputty online at Here are a few exercises I did with some students daily. Prior to any fine motor activity such as writing make sure you warm up those finger muscles. Get the theraputty out and work on squishing, rolling, pulling, pinching, stretching, etc. This should be a quick 3-5 minute activity. I also like to hide very small objects in the theraputty for the students to dig through and find. My students enjoyed discovering what was hidden each day. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Therapy Dogs

I have found that animals have incredible instincts about people. They are also patient, tolerant, and rewarding. Several programs have started up using dogs in schools. One is called "Tail Wagging Tutors"  This program allows students to read to dogs. Students who may be shy, have self esteem issues, or lack reading skills read to the dogs which builds success and confidence in their abilities. Because they are reading aloud their reading skills improve. Check out their web site for more information. Dogs are also excellent at providing comfort, enjoyment, and stability.

Posessive Sister

For Christmas this year I convinced my parents to buy my sister an iPad. I thought of the many uses she would have. I knew she could watch movies especially her classics like Lavern and Shirley. I knew she would like to look at photos. I even figured that the screen would be large enough that she would be able to select the movies and slide the photos on her own. Like I am always saying the more independence the better. I also found a app from itunes that would allow me to create picture schedules and a reinforcement menu. Before Christmas I loaded her iPad with pictures and movies and games. I was so jealous. She opened the gift and looked at the iPad puzzled. Then the first picture came up and she squealed with delight. she put her hand down to touch the screen and the picture moved, now she was intrigued. We played with the iPad for a bit showing her different things. She wanted to watch a movie on the iPad not on the massive 64" television. I needed to add some more files so that I could create the schedules. I picked up the iPad and Squiggy went nuts! She threw her head and kicked her feet. I thought maybe she will calm down. Nope she began to wail as if saying "That is MINE!" I placed the iPad back on the table but it was not enough for her, she wanted her iPad back with her. She still won't let me touch it. I had to sneak the iPad late one night just so I could add more things for her. For such a little person and one that cannot verbalize she definitely gets her point across.

Step by Step Cooking

Cooking is an amazing life skill and one that can bring independence. For students that requires additional support to learn new skills here are a few ideas on how to teach basic cooking skills. Begin with basics such as toast, mac & cheese, quesadilla, (make sure it is something the individual will want to eat). With a camera take pictures of each step involved. For example if I were teaching quesadilla I would take a picture the fridge, cheese, tortilla, plate, cheese on the tortilla, microwave, amount of time on the microwave, and then eating the quesadilla. These pictures then serve as the prompt for cooking simple things. A little independence helps with self esteem and also helps the caregivers. There are places where you can purchase picture cookbooks. This is an excellent place to buy items that work on functional life skills that can be worked on in the classroom and at home.