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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shaving Cream Fun

Time to get your hands clean...Spray shaving cream on a flat surface like a counter, desk, table, etc. Smear around the cream. You can draw pictures, write letters, spell words, do math problems all in the shaving cream. When playing in shaving cream work on moving all 10 fingers at once, isolated finger movements, try deep pressure along with light pressure. If the child you are working with is resistant to the shaving cream begin with using only one finger and also set a timer so they know when they will be finished. Eventually the shaving cream will rub away the more you work with it, which helps lessen cleanup. Writing in shaving cream is also helpful when learning something new such as letters. The more senses you can bring into learning the quicker a concept will be gained. Writing in shaving cream involves touch, smell, and sight. 

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  1. shaving cream is awesome for this, in our school, we are no longer allowed to have shaving cream in the cabinets, every once in awhile, there is an all school check and your shaving cream is confiscated! So, I just bring it the day of! thanks for sharing this simple, cheap technique.